The Outing: DSDS winner Thomas Godoj expire

I like to claim that I would only get into the program of RTL when zapping. Gelogen: When the fifth season of DSDS started a few months ago, I did not look at it by accident. Since then, I am enchanted and confess without shame: I swear for Thomas Godoj. And that's just as well.

It's the first time I've fallen for an RTL retort star. I have little practice in it. Because with 42 years of life and sociologically seen rather education-oriented background, although I certainly belong to the audience of the station, as we now know. But not guaranteed to the target group of its stars. Certainly not those stars, who appeared so far at DSDS so: tastelessly dressed (white pants!), tasteless hairstyles (gel!), tasteless hometowns (Castrop-Rauxel!), tasteless taste in music (Mariah Carey!), little brain (...!) and above all: little age (17!). Because of a seventeen-year-old nail model I would never have typed my fingers on a paid hotline and spent Saturday evenings in front of the TV, instead of in a well-kept conversation with people who pretend to only see Arte.

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But then he appeared. He had registered for the casting in Cologne, granted a small interview before he presented himself to the jury. In it he outed himself as an unemployed technical draftsman, while he - totally sweet - balanced with outstretched arms on an invisible line. He had wonderfully gentle, a little sad blue eyes, a striking face with high cheekbones, a touching modest smile and half-length curly hair that fell into his face as he spoke. What he spoke sounded intelligent, honest and sympathetic - and he spoke a lot. Among other things, the now famous words: "There is no plan for me." At the age of 29, the guy actually looked like a philosophy student in the 29th semester, but by no means like a superstar. And I asked myself: What is he doing here ?! And I thought: Oh, God, I hope he does not embarrass himself! Until he came before the jury and sang. I'll never forget it. He sang: "Fairytale Gone Bad" by Sunrise Avenue. And in that moment he got me. The remaining women of Germany he got a little later.

It was not that he sang well. Others did that too. It was not that he looked good. Others did not, but it would not have been enough. It was, as he sang, that voice: Deep but not too deep. Full-sounding, but not intrusive. Very, very masculine, but not pretentious. Sensitive but not sentimental. The voice was totally sexy. And, more importantly, she said there is one thing he knows exactly what he sings about when he recites a sad, angry rock song. And that here stands one, who is sometimes sad and angry, but not embittered and angry. And decency owns? yes, yes, just that old-fashioned word!

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The jury called this "authentic". And with that authenticity, Thomas Godoj stayed a full season. While all other candidates changed their hair color and shape, their styling, and their smiles every hour, he stayed exactly as he was. While all the other candidates fell into the camera and got rid of embarrassing pleas for the audience's favor, he often said nothing, renounced the camera face and let it be known that the RTL machinery was going to wake him up. While all the other candidates slime in front of the jury, he sometimes showed such a touchingly old-fashioned gesture that alone had earned him victory: he bowed.

Not with squeezed knees and at exactly the right angle inclined upper body. But quite spontaneously, with loose knees and crooked shoulders. As if to say, "Thank you for your praise, I'm not sure I deserve it, but I respect your competence and look forward to your judgment." And that's why, not surprisingly, he has enchanted not only 24- and 42-year-olds but even 90-year-old female viewers. Thomas Godoj has become a superstar. He himself can least believe that. But this Friday his first single "Love is you" is coming out. I will buy her and she will accompany me through the summer. And very rarely, late at night, when I'm tired or a little bit drunk, I'll think he's talking to me on his own.

Lolena│Love is you♥ (March 2021).

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