• July 15, 2020

The most beautiful Christmas spot 2016 comes from ... H & M!

Every year, it starts again at the end of November: the big companies and brands bring their Christmas spots to the television, and one is more elaborate than the next. Lidl gets rid of Santa Claus (and Santa Clara for that), Edeka wants to give time to sad children and John Lewis makes animals happy.

And, of course, H & M does not let it out, too, and gets the great director Wes Anderson ("Grand Budapest Hotel") together with actor Adrien Brody on board. In the four-minute "Come Together", Brody plays a conductor who has to explain to the travelers that Christmas is going differently than they would like this year because the train has an incredible 11.5 hours delay. What happens then ... see for yourself:

Incidentally, Tchibo has decided against a lavish Christmas spot this year and only briefly informs that it would prefer to donate 100,000 packages to the homeless.

John Lewis & Partners Christmas Ad 2018 - #EltonJohnLewis ???? (July 2020).

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