"The Crown": That's why the Queen gets more salary now

In the future, the Queen can look forward to a princely salary in the Netflix series "The Crown". At a conference in Israel, the producers of the acclaimed television show revealed that Queen Elizabeth actress Claire Foy, 33, earned less in the first two seasons than her male co-star Matt Smith, 35, according to The Hollywood Reporter. , The actor was seen as Prince Philip. Smith had a lot of experience before shooting began: For three seasons, he starred in the British cult science fiction series "Doctor Who" the "Doctor".

The fact that the Queen earned less in the TV series than her consort, but now belongs to the past, said producer Suzanne Mackie at an event in Jerusalem: "In the future, no one is better paid than the Queen," she said, explaining that Smith's great experience in the TV industry was the key to the salary difference so far.

There are new actors

"The Crown" is about the life of Elizabeth II - from her wedding in 1947 to the present. Because there is a large amount of time between seasons, the show exchanges its lead actors for 20 episodes. For the now announced seasons three and four, new stars will take over the roles of Foy and Smith. For the planned fifth and sixth season, there will be another change.

One thing is certain: Olivia Colman (44) will be seen in the upcoming episodes as Queen Elizabeth, a performer for Prince Philip is still being sought. Helena Bonham Carter (51) is considered to play the role of Princess Margaret, with Vanessa Kirby (29) in it. Besides Prince Philip, actors for Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla and Princess Diana have to be found for the next episodes.

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