The Cave of the Lions: Outrageously good deal for "outrageous" founders?

The new episode of "The Cave of the Lions" has evidently offered a wrong investor world. Two "outrageous" founders get a deal, while a "perfect performance" remains unrewarded? Who would have thought that, but sometimes even TV capitalism is simply not fair.

Only the lionesses have a heart for bunnies

Right at the beginning it was cuddly, but also a little unappetizing. With "Sanilu Clean" all enclosures and stalls of small animals of Urinstein and Co. are to be cleaned in the future. At least, if it were up to the inventors. "Small animals are a billion-dollar market," said Frank Thelen (43), but he did not regard hare residues as his investor construction site and left. "Compassion is not the basis for a venture capitalist," added Carsten Maschmeyer (59) sympathetically and also made the bend. And because even general-purpose weapon Ralf Dümmel (51) was not convinced, it was finally up to the animal-loving lionesses Judith Williams (46) and Dagmar Wöhrl (64) to pack the deal.

Same topic, different scope: The makers of "Curaluna" have invented a sensor that will inform future parents or caregivers of demented people via app that it is time for a diaper change. Great and noble idea, all the lions were - stupid only that the classic demonstration effect occurred and the sensor in the test also jumped at investors who have not done "in the pants". No functioning product, no orders, a much too high rating - "outrageous", the lions were in unison. And yet: despite anger in the stomach Maschmeyer handed the investor paw, which the founders gratefully accepted.

Good for kids and lions

Away from excreta, to the opposite. Born in Estonia, Anne-Liis Theisen (27) brought birch sap in various flavors under the name "ÖselBirch". That was not only "good for children and lions", but also a hit in their homeland. In fact, all investors seemed to have a taste ("After Eight with Effervescent!"), But there was a big catch on the acclaimed juice: Only two weeks a year, this can also be obtained, after the winter and during the snowmelt. Although the performance was right from the beginning to the end, all the lions complimented on a potential deal.

Animal deep relaxation thanks to high frequency

Once again it became animal with the product "RelaxoPet". Hypnotherapist Frank Bendix (51) wants to provide deep relaxation in dogs, cats, birds and horses with calming, high-frequency tones. Already a considerable turnover, proven effect and a gigantic market - no wonder that two lions were about to make a deal. And though Dümmel demanded five percent more, "Bendix" and "Lone Fighter" Bendix chose him.

Last but not least, it was about the second most beautiful incident in the world - King Football! "Tracktics" should also give amateur and amateur kickers the opportunity to track their own mileage and sprints and to compete with other users to compete. The enthusiasm with the lions was limited, at the very end came Georg Kofler (61) but still with a deal around the corner. Instead of the offered 8 percent, however, he wanted to bite off 35 - a too hungry lion, were the founders of "Tracktics" and beat the offer without time for reflection. If you do not want, you're already tracking.

19. Don Quixote, Part II: Chapters XXXVI-LIII (May 2021).

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