The Boss Hoss: "People should listen again with fresh ears"

The heads behind The Boss Hoss, Sascha Vollmer (46) aka "Hoss Power" and Alec Völkel (46) aka "Boss Burns", have taken so much time off their new album "Black Is Beautiful" as never before. A very conscious and strategic decision. After all, the musicians and TV coaches do not want to dance to too many weddings, as the two betrayed in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

They have spent almost 20 months with the new album. Normally this is much faster for you, right?

Sascha Vollmer: You also have to promote the albums and take them on tour. At least one year passes by. In between we also did the fourth season of "Sing my song". But in fact, we spent a lot more time writing songs than usual. That was about a year altogether.

Their predecessor album "Dos Bros" has again increased sales and is after "Liberty of Action" your second most successful album so far. Did you work on the new songs for so long because you wanted to top that?

Alec Völkel: That was not the reason. We just wanted to make a little break again and not directly refill an album and go on tour again. We wanted to take a bit of a breather, which, in my opinion, is also heard.

They are very much present in the media through television. Has the pressure to do so generally increased?

Vollmer: As a print I would not call it, but we have already realized that one should not dance permanently at every wedding. There is indeed this Helene Fischer effect, if you are constantly present everywhere. That will only work well for a while, then the curve will inevitably go down. Before this phenomenon occurs, we first wanted to retire and then be noticed again. People should listen again with fresh ears.

This is your eighth album. How do you keep your ideas fresh? From what do you draw your creativity?

Vollmer: As a musician with open eyes and ears, you can always learn something through the world. But of course, for the first time, "Sing my song", we really looked beyond our own box and learned a lot. This has clearly broadened our musical horizons. We did not spend much time with the music that makes a gentleman, for example. Working on the song of the other, of course, has influenced us - subconsciously or consciously. I also think that we are less and less aware of this pigeonholing even for us as a band. We just do what we feel like and everything is allowed. Of course, the fact that we came to this point is also due to the experiences of recent years.

The single "Ayo" almost sounds like Depeche Mode.

Völkel: Ok. But we have been making music for 30 years and are music fans. Maybe you can not always define exactly where that comes from. The nice thing is, we're ready to take that step and make it easy without limiting ourselves. Something new arises only when you get involved in new things.

What does "Ayo" stand for?

Völkel: For that we have a top explanation: It stands for "all you own". That means that whatever you are looking for or you are striving for, you are actually wearing in you. You just have to find it and recognize yourself. It describes the journey of life. The realization that you do not need the fame or the coal, but you should be at peace with yourself. Actually a typical Boss Hoss anthem.

Apart from the obvious external component, what does the title "Black Is Beautiful" still stand for?

Völkel: Black is of course the color of rock'n'roll - and it happens at night. At least our musician life usually takes place at night.

Vollmer: That has something to do with our history. We worked together as a graphic artist and when the sun went down we went for a beer in our favorite bar and got the idea for The Boss Hoss. And at night, after work, we started to record the first songs.

They do not say good bye to the TV. They go as coaches to "The Voice Seniors". What attracts you to it?

Völkel: We always just wanted to do TV shows that have something to do with music. Now we are back at the birth of a new format, which always appeals to us. We are also convinced that the program will cause turmoil and surprises. The show also fulfills a generational exchange. It shows that at the age of 60 plus rock'n'roll can still be in people, it's not just reserved for young people. Music is a lifetime thing.

The spectators have already seen so many casting shows on TV. How many casting shows fit in there?

Vollmer: Of course the viewers have to decide that.But it is also important to take out every now and then. We want to continue to be perceived as a musician. But television also helps us to spread and promote our music.

Völkel: But of course that is a legitimate question. But in my opinion, music continues to be far too limited on television. Whether only the Castingformate is fair, it can be argued about. Nevertheless: Music needs more platforms in my opinion. Good music may be more like on TV.

Evolve or Die: 200th Episode Special (June 2021).

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