The book: "The truth about my marriage"


The Berlin non-fiction author and journalist Martina Rellin had instigated us with their then secret book project to dossier and also contributed to it. Her new narrative book has just been published, "The Truth About My Marriage, Telling Women," for which she has written down the stories of 16 women.

For example, Gudrun, goldsmith, tells the story: 37: "How nice it would be if I could say: I've married my divorce reason, and it's still the great love, but it's not like that, and to have that certainty and still live with this man is always harder for me. "Continue reading

Or Gisela, 71, pensioner, 30 years married, two children: "My husband told me that he is gay, but my marriage was not a mistake, Gabi, 42, an office clerk, married 16, two children." Read more

The book

Openly and honestly, 16 women report from their everyday marriages, of great secrets as well as everyday quarrels, of inattentive attention of their men, of dwindling passions, of missing conversations and much more. They tell what lies behind the seemingly intact facades of their marriages. Often even the best friend does not realize that a marriage that is considered ideal and exemplary by all has quirks or even big mistakes. We think of other couples who we find to be consistent, everything is in order. Luckily for many, that is also true - but not for everyone.

After the conversational experiences of the author Martina Rellin women constantly compare their ideal of the marriage with the everyday reality, they recognize the deficits and would like to change a lot. Men, on the other hand, seem happier, responding to criticism or suggestions with "What you always have" or "It's all alright." However, women do not give up their ideals, so husbands often spend years sitting on a powder keg without knowing it. If one's wife then files a divorce, it is said: "Why, I do not understand ..."

Worrying, this insight into the German Ehealltag? No, these startling insights into the taboo marriage move and make you think. Martina Rellin says, "It's good to see that the other marriages are no happier than yours as well, so it's time we debated the institution of marriage more relaxed."

The author

Martina Rellin

Martina Rellin is one of the most successful non-fiction authors in Germany. With her highly interesting everyday portraits of women "I have a lover, women tell" and "Of course I'm an East woman! Women tell", she was on the bestseller list for weeks. Born in 1962 in Hamburg, educated at the Hamburg School of Journalism, Martina Rellin worked in the editorial offices of the German Press Agency and the Berliner Tagesspiegel. For seven years as Editor-in-Chief, she headed the East German tradition magazine Das Magazin. Since 2001, she has been dedicated to writing books on women's everyday life, readings and writing seminars. More on the Internet and the author's e-mail address can be found at

Martina Rellin: The truth about my marriage. Tell women? published on March 5th Price: 16,95 Euro Diana Verlag (Randomhouse), ChroniquesDuVasteMonde Book ISBN 978-3-453-28515-6


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