The Blade-Max Stable by K-Swiss: Stable, but no block on the leg

I'm one of those people who like to bend their feet when running. The Blade Max Stable K-Swiss should compensate for that - and that's what makes the lightweight stable running shoe quite good. Fortunately, I do not have to carry a heavy block on my leg. Because although he is clearly subdued, the shoe feels light. Although I have not mutated to the Speedy Gonzales of Hamburg, but the running feels lighter and more relaxed than with other running shoes. A disadvantage at lower temperatures is that it gets a little too drafty after a while.

For: Runners who tend to have mild to moderate overpronation Category: Stable shoe (which type of running shoe fits your feet? Click here for the running shoe test) Price: about 135 euros Mass: 269 ​​grams Order Link: Conclusion: a lightweight stability shoe that gives grip and stability while still being lightweight.

Buy running shoes: The most important tips

  • Find a good running or sports shop and get advice there. The seller should inquire about your amount of training, the preferred surface and your weight.
  • Buy the running shoes best in the evening, the foot expands during the day.
  • If available, bring your old running shoes to the store. From the wear of the soles, the seller can draw valuable conclusions for the right model for you. Also, a video analysis is useful if it is offered in the store.
  • Running shoes should cost you on average a size larger than their standard shoes. There should be at least a centimeter left in front of the longest toe.
  • You want to save money? Nevertheless, go to the specialist shop - and ask for reasonably priced discontinued models from the previous year.

K-Swiss Blade Max Stable with Dave Erickson (July 2020).

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