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In 5 steps to beautiful nails

Whether Heidi Klum, Eva Longoria or Penélope Cruz: Many Hollywood stars have enviably beautiful nails. Sure, you probably think, they also have more time and money to invest in their beauty! But do not worry! The road to really beautiful nails is not that hard. We show you in a few steps how it works!

1. Remove cuticle

"Before you start painting your nails, you should first immerse your hands in warm water for a few minutes to soften the cuticles," explains Sevim Kara, who has been working as a Nail designer in a big hamburger gym is working. If the cuticle is soft, it is pushed back with a wooden stick. For especially strong cuticles, a special cuticle remover is also suitable, which is dabbed onto the skin.

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2. File nails into shape

While the sandpaper file used to be the measure of all things, nail specialists today recommend using one glass file to work. Reason: The glass file is thinner than other files and thus does not chip off the nails. Another advantage: The glass file can be filed in both directions.

3. Polish to a high gloss

"Special 3-phase polishing files degrease and smooth the nails," explains Sevim Kara. The nails are thus perfectly prepared for the subsequent painting.

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4. Apply varnish

As a base for the normal nail polish should always be used a base coat. This smoothes and prevents darker paints from discoloring the nail. When the undercoat has dried, the normal nail polish is applied - "always in two layers," says Sevim Kara. Once the first, very thin layer, which should always cover the nail completely, dried, the second layer comes on it.

5. The shiny finish

To get the paint as long and beautiful as possible, a top coat is applied at the end. Tip: The overcoat should always include a dryer that completely dries all previously applied layers.

The big hand and nail care special

First aid tips

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1. Broken nails

But what good use in the form of filed and painted nails when they break constantly? Here, too, beauty expert Sevim Kara Rat knows: "The quickest effect is a nail hardener, which is applied three times in a row, one coat at a time, and on the fourth day all three layers are removed and started over again". Problem: As long as the nail hardener is used, no other varnish may be applied.

A longer-term, if somewhat costly result delivers the Natural nails, Here, a special soft gel is modeled on the nail and cured with UV rays. This creates a thicker, more stable layer that reinforces and protects the natural nail.

The general rule: Brittle nails are often due to calcium deficiency. You should therefore increasingly take calcium-containing foods such as milk or yogurt. Also possible: Take special supplements such as biotin tablets for at least three months. Positive side effect: This strengthening treatment from the inside also promotes the growth of the hair.

2. Clumping nail polishes

When the favorite nail polish clumps, one often resorts to a typical budget and dribbles Nail polish remover in the stubborn paint, This is always recommended, but according to Sevim Kara brings nothing: "The problem is that the nail polish remover actually only the drying factor is delayed." Better: say goodbye to the old nail polish and buy a new one. That just looks better.

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3. Discolored nails

Dark colored lacquers or the use of self-tanners may cause the nails to discolour. Tip from the professional: Regularly dip your fingertips into a bubble bath of lightening tablets. Also possible: Instead of using special effervescent tablets just use the Corega Tabs from grandma.

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Petting hands

Hand balm from Dove

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Our hands are heavily used every day. Especially in the darker seasons, dry heating air and freezing cold cause chapped skin. Therefore, experts recommend that you exfoliate your hands regularly and then apply hand masks that support cell generation.

Special gloves from The Body Shop

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You can do your own peelings too: simple Sea salt with olive oil or cream mix, apply to the skin and leave for a few minutes. The exfoliation opens the pores and allows them to better absorb active ingredients. Therefore apply an intensive hand cream or mask thick, cover special gloves and let it work in overnight. For particularly dry hands Sevim Kara also recommends special hand ampoules, which are spotted and massaged, and thus fight especially dry areas between the fingers.

Hand & Nail Care Routine - femketjeNL (July 2020).

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