The Big Bang Theory: Cast celebrates last episode with special honors

Emotional rollercoaster ride for the cast of "The Big Bang Theory" (TBBT): On the one hand the actors say goodbye to the popular sitcom after the last episode, and on the other hand they had a special honor to celebrate: they were allowed to play TCL Perpetuating Chinese Theater in Hollywood with her handprint.

Johnny Galecki (44) aka Leonard, Jim Parsons (46) aka Sheldon, Kaley Cuoco (33) aka Penny, Simon Helberg (38) also known as Howard, Kunal Nayyar (38) aka Raj, Mayim Bialik (43) aka Amy and Melissa Smoke (38) alias Bernadette first left their signatures in the cement board and then pressed their hands into them under lightning storms.

For the first time, a TV series was honored with this ceremony. "After completing the last episode the night before, we're on a roller coaster ride," executive producer Chuck Lorre (66) said during the event. On Instagram, Kaley Cuoco wrote about the tribute: "Thankful for the endless dream that is 'The Big Bang Theory'".

Emotional farewell

On April 30, the 279th and last episode of the sitcom was filmed, broadcasting the one-hour finale of the twelfth season on May 16 at the US station CBS. Twelve years the "TBBT" stars stood together in front of the camera - at the special farewell they let their fans share via Instagram. "More feelings than words could describe," wrote Johnny Galecki to a picture showing the door of the famous 4B apartment. It was a special day for Galecki and colleague Kunal Nayyar in two ways: the two celebrated their birthday on 30 April - and Melissa Rauch was allowed to celebrate.

"You know you work with wonderful and attentive people when they just celebrate your June birthday because they will not be with you this summer," she explained to a picture with the "three" birthday kids. "Last group scene," Cuoco commented on a photo where the cast gathered for a final group cuddle. And Jim Parsons was all too happy to remember the early days: he posted a photo showing him at a party after filming the first "TBBT" pilot episode. By his side: His current husband, Todd, whom he thanks for the last twelve years. "I would not have made it without him, no exaggeration, I love you, Todd!"

The fans of the series meanwhile rumor, which end is intended for the nerd clique and her friends. Kaley Cuoco commented during the party to the series finale "ET Online": "It's the most beautiful final I've ever seen [...]", she enthused. "It's so touching, you'll cry, but in the sweetest way." In addition, she was completely thrilled by the end for her role Penny. "There are no disasters, it's just beautiful."

Cast Of 'Big Bang Theory' To Be Honored At TCL Chinese Theatre (July 2020).

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