The ABC of feelings: interest

Then they notice what they have on me. I am the feeling of affection, I am the feeling of motivation, the start button of learning, acting and encounters. I am the feeling that gives everything a direction. Oh yes, without this direction, everything always turns around in a circle. I can give all power and dynamics by stepping up. Then I become curiosity to passion.

Then I am also perceived. But so if I'm just what I am, I'm often ignored. Like the old clock, which is so obvious in the living room, that it only attracts attention when it's gone. Sometimes I really feel like disappearing a bit. Only very briefly, so that I catch the eye. To come back then. But "a little bit" does not work. To disappear I need the fear or the shame, the habit or the resignation. And once they arrive, they go out of their way. Then I have to fight to get my place again.

So it does not succeed to make me attentive by just disappearing and coming back. So please: pay attention to me and support me. I really need little, just attention and acceptance, that's enough for me.

I hate ignorance, it is my death. If I forget how to motivate people to be interested in this and that, then that bothers me. But if those people I motivate with their self-interest go nowhere, that can ruin me. If these people give up then I have no chance. That's why my earnest request: Appreciate me. Are you interested in me?

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