The 10 coolest winter coats - and how you care for them

Winter comes faster around the corner than we would like? suddenly it is freezing cold outside and the wardrobe does not make a warming coat! We provide a remedy and have selected ten stylish and current models, in which you should invest now. There are also some tips about the topic "winter coat" for you:

So you have some of your winter coat next year

Whether you bought your coat again or have been using it for some time, it's clear that you should store it in the basement or under the bed in clothes storage boxes during the summer months. So that your coat looks like new again after mothballing and does not stingy, you should do some things


Not in the laundry!

Ventilate your coat regularly. Especially after storing over the summer months you should let it air overnight on the balcony. Or you hang him in the bathroom during a hot shower. Due to the steam, the good piece is cleaned very gently and wrinkles are gently ironed out.

Removes stains from the material gently

Hand wash is the gentlest way to clean a coat. Small stains can be removed carefully with a cloth. Depending on the material, care should also be taken when scratching the soiled areas: the more noble the natural fiber, the more susceptible it is to external influences. If you are unsure, first try out in an invisible place (for example, under the collar) how the material reacts to moisture and friction.

These are the winter coat trends for 2016/2017

We have put together ten stylish coats for autumn / winter 2016/2017 for shopping. Do you want to stroll extravagant and colorful through the cold season? Then grab a model in the trend color pink. If you prefer to be on the safe side, choose coats with checked patterns or in beige. Even long blazers with double button placket are not so noticeable, but lead you stylishly through the cold season.

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