That's why your dog stares at you while he makes a pile

The dog owners know this only too well: Going outside on the road, the point has finally come, where the dog has finally found the right place to do his big business. While you may already be pulling the dog-waste bag out of your pocket with one hand, the dog fixes you with intense eye contact, as if you were on a speed-date - but why does he do that?

The direct line between human and animal

Sure, of course it's always cute when your own dog looks at it in a fucussed way - but the phenomenon is a bit strange anyway. What is actually behind the intense eye contact is different in detail from dog to dog. But one thing is certain: The dog wants to build a special connection to you at this moment and the long eye contact triggers a physical reaction in him. And what kind of bond does the dog need when making a pile? There are different possibilities:

1. He considers you as a parent

The intense gaze actually triggers a reaction in dogs that is very similar to the physical reaction between the puppy and the canine mammal. In other words, your dog wants to make you understand how much you are the "mom" to him.

2. He wants a treat

Often, dogs are rewarded with a treat when they learn how to become housebroken. At some point it is a self-runner, no more pee in the apartment. But your dog remembers that there used to be a snack for business - and unobtrusively asks if the deal might not be valid.

3. Protection need

Making a bunch puts your dog in a very weak and vulnerable position. If it makes him feel nervous and insecure, the look to you is a confirmation that he is safe - after all, the favorite human is in sight and will immediately ward off any danger.

One look says more than 1000 words

There may also be other reasons why your dog is staring at you so hard in the eyes - in the video you can see the complete overview of the phenomenon when going for a walk!

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Dog everyday, Gassi