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? MTi (@martintillich) November 17, 2015

Of course we knew that Nutella is a sugar bomb. But the ingredients that make up Ferrero's beloved breakfast spread, once pictured in the glass, are still shocking. The Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg has taken the trouble to depict the ingredients of a Nutella glass. And that does not taste that good anymore ...

Nutella consists essentially of two thirds of sugar and one third of fat. This not only harms the health, but also the environment. Because in order to win palm oil (the ingredient with the second largest share in the Nutella glass, which makes the cream so beautifully spreadable), forest areas have been cleared for decades. Indonesia, in particular, suffers from the consequences of massive deforestation. Only a few months ago, France's Environment Minister Ségolène Royal called for a Nutella boycott.

However, this alone is not enough, because palm oil is in hundreds of products - even if they carry a bio-seal. After all, the major food companies - including Ferrero - are working to produce palm oil more sustainably. This makes Nutella not healthier, but diminishes the bad conscience something.

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