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Engineer / in

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In July 2012, there were 107,100 vacancies on the engineering market. There is a shortage of skilled workers, especially in the export-oriented sector of vehicle and mechanical engineering. This is the result of technical progress: Innovations in electromobility and renewable energies require specialists. A basic degree in engineering or mechanical engineering is advisable; in the master, engineers should specialize, for example in vehicle engineering. The salary varies depending on the industry, the starting salary is between 37,000 and 40,000 euros (gross) a year. With a little work experience, an engineer quickly earns 20,000 euros more.


Pharmacists are similarly sought after: almost four vacancies come here for an unemployed candidate. Especially in rural areas, pharmacists find it difficult to find a replacement or a successor. They attract with over-wage wages and flexible working hours. In addition, the German pharmacy education is one of the best in the world. Graduates can virtually choose which pharmacy they want to work in? and in which country. Because many pharmacists go abroad. Switzerland and Canada are particularly committed to recruiting German graduates. The profession of pharmacist requires a pharmacy degree. The proportion of women there is high, in the winter semester 2009/10, 73 percent of the students were female. A beginner earns just under 2900 euros, professionals even over 3500 euros.

Optician / in

The eye specialists are currently much sought-after specialists. Demand is almost four times higher than the supply of skilled labor. The company Fielmann plans thirty new branches every year, but fails because, among other things, there is a lack of trained specialists. As an optician, not only craftsmanship, but also social skills in dealing with customers and sales talent are needed. The profession requires three years of training and is taught at a dual level, that is, in the craft business and at the vocational school. There, a trainee gets between 256 and 575 euros a month Later, opticians earn by collective agreements 1500 to 1800 euros gross.

Caregiver / in

Demographic change is also increasing the demand for service providers for the elderly. The profession of geriatric nurse therefore has a strong growth potential. The German Association of Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) estimates that by 2020 the industry could be one of the most important pillars of the German economy. According to the DHIK, 60,000 new jobs were created in the health sector in 2011. A geriatric nurse has a three-year education behind him, in which he earned up to 1038 euros, later it is up to 2600 euros. But not only geriatric nurses are desperately wanted, administrative staff, medical technicians and medical women are also in demand. Meanwhile, even a university education is offered to the care manager. Caregivers receive a gross annual salary of up to € 55,000.


Every second teacher is over 50 years old today. If this generation retires in ten to twenty years, theoretically would several hundred thousand young teachers have to move up? but only 26,000 new ones per year come after. However, there is not a shortage in every subject: German teachers will be in surplus in the next few years, while maths, science, Latin and music are barren. The occupation leads classically over the teacher training study. A teacher earns between 38,200 and 64,000 euros, depending on age and type of school. There is also a lack of knowledge facilitators in adult education. Because in the future, it will be the exception that a worker works in his apprenticeship until retirement. An education with a focus on adult education is worthwhile.

Logisticians / in

Workers with the complicated term? Supply chain manager? are urgently searched. In German are the logisticians. The global division of labor is advancing, transports must become faster and cheaper. For 2012, the German Logistics Association (BVL) expects growth of around five percent. A logistician should bring along a degree in economics, mathematics or electrical engineering, preferably with a focus on logistics. The entry-level salary of a supply chain manager is between € 35,000 and € 40,000 gross. And transports should become more environmentally friendly, which is why well-trained environmental managers have the best chances on the job market.

GP / family doctor

According to a survey by the German Medical Association (BÄK) and the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), nearly 24,000 GPs will have to be replaced by 2020. The shortage of land physicians is so serious that the state of Bavaria wants to support the foundation or takeover of practices in underserved areas with 60,000 euros in the future.For the necessary medical studies there are even grants from the government, 300 euros per month? and that's a gift: If the junior doctor works in rural areas for at least five years after graduation, the scholarship does not have to be repaid. The salaries of family doctors fluctuate, established physicians earn net between 2000 and 5300 euros per month.

IT technician / in

In December 2011, there were about 30,500 vacancies in the German IT industry, according to the industry association VDI, which is almost ten thousand vacancies more than in the previous year. The lack of IT forces is now so dramatic that corporations fear for Germany's competitiveness. The path to IT leads through the study of computer science or the three-year training as IT specialist. The salary varies depending on the field of application: Network administrators earn an average of 36,000 euros, an IT manager more than 110,000 euros.


The lack of educators caused most recently Labor Minister Ursula von der Leyen propose to retrain the dismissed Schlecker sales assistants for child care. The situation is exacerbated by the legal entitlement to a day care place from August 2013. Then nationwide, up to 42,000 educators will be needed. The training at the specialized technical schools lasts between two and four years. In other countries, it is standard for educators to have a university degree. Therefore, there are now also in Germany degree programs in the field of early and elementary education. The merit is set collectively and is between 1900 and 3000 euros.

Hotelfachfrau / man

Trainees go out to the Southern German hospitality industry: In Baden-Württemberg, chefs, hotel and restaurant experts are in demand. The drop in trainees is up to 15 percent in some professions, according to the Nordschwarzwald Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The training as a hotel manager takes three years, in which she earns between 500 and 630 euros per month. Later, hotel professionals receive an average of 1600 euros gross.

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