Ten days before his death, Jens Büchner once again became a grandfather

Shortly before "Goodbye Germany" participants and Mallorca-size Jens Büchner (1969-2018) succumbed to cancer at the age of only 49, his daughter Jenny (26) evidently gave him a second grandchild. In fact, in her profile description on Instagram in addition to the birthday of her daughter Jasmine (02.06.2017) meanwhile another date can be found: "Carl Jonas 07.11.2018".

Thus, Jens Büchner would have become grandfather again ten days before his death. His wife Daniela (40) has confirmed to the "Bild" newspaper that the news about the family offspring is correct and she was able to give him one last pleasure:

Jens learned about his grandson at the hospital and was happy to become a grandfather again.

Büchner leaves a large patchwork family with eight children. His two daughters Jenny and Jessica are from his first marriage, and son Leon was born from his relationship with ex-girlfriend Jenny. Wife Daniela brought three children into the relationship. Together they got the now two-year-old twins Diego Armani and Jenna Soraya.

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