Tattoo for one-year-old baby: why a father wants to give his child under the needle

Normally, no parent in the world would want to tattoo a little baby. But in a reddit thread, a desperate father who wanted to do just that - and asked the online community for help. His twins Aaron and Adam are indistinguishable even for the parents, which now led to a life-threatening situation:

"The boys are 12 months old and look the same."

"My wife and I had preemie twins, both boys, there is no difference between them, except that Aaron is seriously ill and therefore needs to take medication every four hours." "The boys are 12 months old and look completely identical Woman and I can not tell her apart and paint a sign every day with a pen on Adam's arm (Aaron has very sensitive skin that we do not want to irritate).

"This is an extreme situation"

That one day backfired when the two were with their grandma in the bathtub and the mark was washed off. Grandma accidentally gave Adam the medicine for Aaron. Adam got very ill and Aaron was hospitalized for a week. This is an extreme situation and I would never want to take that risk again.

We've tried other methods, but for various reasons, nothing worked as well as the pen mark: nail polish, bracelets, anklets, the boys each only in a specific color, different hair length ...

"Please help me, I do not want to lose my child!"

We need a permanent solution now. I've read on the net that someone has tattooed his twin a point on the foot, and has also pierced ear holes. I hate to think about it, but it does not help. We have to do something permanent. I almost lost both my children last weekend and I'm desperate. I'm just looking for solutions that last forever. Please help me! I do not want to lose my child. "

Good tips and blatant criticism

As is often the case with online discussions, many parents who found the suggestion "impossible" responded by suggesting that parents were just "too comfortable" to re-mark the children, or recommending alternatives that were not obvious to Aaron and Adam had worked ("Let the hair grow differently long!"). Particularly helpful was the tip, it is best to tattoo both children in the same place ("Otherwise there is only strife, you know how little children are!")

But: The vast majority agreed to the father, and also had plenty of practical tips ready. For example, the indication that tattoos under the sole of the foot may possibly fade because of the high level of friction, or the advice to check beforehand from which points on the body the child can later have the tattoo removed (if he does not want to be "marked" as an adult) ).

Especially a user brought the dilemma perfectly to the point: "If a mistake can kill your child, you have to prevent the mistake from happening, you're doing the right thing!"

The Hole Truth about Ear Piercing - First With Kids (July 2020).

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