• July 15, 2020

Tapas - Spain for the home

Spanish tapas? We would like to try them all ...

Tapas will immediately wake up the memory of Spain's last holiday: enjoying the sunset in a bar or bodega, clapping, drinking a glass of beer, wine or sherry? and enjoy tapas! Spanish finger food is a perfect snack for the evening; not only on vacation, but also at a stand-up party or a cozy evening with friends. Delicious!

A tapa (literally: "lid") is a small appetizer, which belongs to the specialties of the Spanish kitchen similar to the garlic cream Aioli. From a small bowl of olives to baguette, cheese and Serrano ham, to sophisticated tapas with fish and meat that are sometimes served cold or warm? Tapas offers a recipe for every taste. That's how Spanish feeling goes! And best of all, because tapas are so small, we can try many different varieties. On the following pages you will find our favorite recipes for a Spanish evening with tapas.

Spanish Tapas Platter Recipe! (July 2020).

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