• July 13, 2020

Sun? No thanks!

The sunny 20 degree mark is a kind of commitment. Especially in northern Germany. Like the appointment for teeth cleaning: Who does not perceive him, must wait forever for a new one. After years of experience, I've seen through the mechanisms behind the sunny 20-degree mark. She has her own language, her own rules and above all a collective claim? with dictatorial appearance.

The language: It mainly questions needed. The voice sounds elated, almost jumps through the first words. Important: a certain childlike joy. Paired with an irritation to the one who escapes the obligation. The key vocabulary: outdoors, weather, beautiful, sun, use.

Most strung together as follows: Outside, the sun is shining, do you also use the nice weather? And in? Use? is the problem. It's a nasty word. If you answer the question "Yes", it is a word of integration: you are there, you join in, you are one of them. But if the answer is "no", it implies a clear miss, an exclusion, an unintelligible denial of the supposedly good thing, and raises another question: what's wrong with you?

What is wrong with me?

The following is going on with me: sunny days are pure stress for me. Migration of peoples to the water, battle crickets in the parks, motorcades towards the Baltic Sea. Wherever I look or go, others are already there. With a grin on their faces and baskets full of food and drinks, as if they had been preparing for the winter with these sunny days at the sunny 20 degree mark. As for the forage as well as the grinning paw stock. And then the wasps that seemingly have anchored the same 20-degree mark in their system. They stick to people grapes like blowflies to shit. I understand bees and bumblebees, they know what they want. But wasps? This funky fly around everything, cake, spritzer, wooden fence, alu mesh? a mystery to me. I do not like puzzles.

No, I do not use it!

It goes without saying that I am on the upswing? Do you also use the nice weather? - Question rather with? No? reply. Initially, I did not understand the outrage of my counterpart, leaving my? No? standing helpless in the room and the questioners. Until I get it, that you do not do that. When the sun is shining, you go out. That's the way it is. Or you have a good reason to stay home. Bocklosigkeit does not count.

So I pushed my? No? a statement after:? I have to work unfortunately still? or, stupidly, between 8 and 21 o'clock my new washing machine ?. This phase did not last long. Because I lacked the excuses. So I decided to just turn the tables and called my friends when it rained: Do you also use the nice weather? You can imagine how that went. I think they were really worried.

Sun makes you happy?

So I wonder what that is, with this weather and the outside? As if all luck were what shines. And as proof, the sun is stretched out with the sun-cream-smeared face. The socially accepted thesis is therefore: Sun and heat make happy. This is supported by one's own, personal feelings of light and warmth. On the other hand: the Scandinavians? less light, lower temperatures, happier people. In my defense, so again? Unpack: For me, the art of happiness is not obvious. When the sun is shining, everyone can shine. So why not give the rain a smile?

Grant The Sun - no thanks, yes (July 2020).

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