Summer Teint: 10 Facts about the self-tanner

Gentle lotions for beginners

You still have some time left. Tinted body lotions gradually give the skin a very light tan. They contain very little tanning agent (DHA) and make the legs look like sun kissed after about three days of regular use.

Apply self-tanner

Self-tanners are stronger and faster. Before necessarily make a scrub. Do not use the self-tanner directly after bathing or jogging - on damp skin, the color becomes too uneven. It works best if you cream before, especially keratinized areas such as elbows and knees. On creamy skin, the self-tanner can be better distributed, also the sound is not too dark. For a more intense result, it is better to repeat it every two to three days - this way the hue can be better controlled. Immediately thereafter, it is best to wear dark, loose clothing so that the new tan does not rub off immediately. Incidentally, self-tanning agents only stain dead horn cells in the upper layers of the skin and do not penetrate into the underlying tissue. That's why the color lasts only about seven days.

Bronzing powder for tanned

Your legs are already slightly tanned? Then bronzing powders are ideal: They intensify the skin tone with dark pigments, glossy particles provide the shimmer effect. Dust evenly with a thick brush. Danger: For white summer dresses prefer to do without!

SOS program with stained self-tanner

The self-tanner has the wrong color or the result is blotchy? A long hot bath helps. Then use a coarse scrub to remove the colored scales and then cream the skin with a rich care. A bath in lemon juice helps against self-tanning spots on the fingertips or under the nails.

Sun protection for all

Unfortunately, still a common misconception that self-tanned skin is better protected than pale. Total nonsense! That is why: Always sufficient and above all one high SPF use. Apply sunscreen before sunbathing and renew regularly. Very important: The after creaming keeps the sunscreen upright, but does not extend it!

Summer tan sprayed up

Tanning pros swear by now Body Tan showers - Here comes the DHA as a fine spray of nozzles. You stand naked with a shower cap in the cabin, turn around your own axis and turn brown within 10 to 45 seconds (eg at "Adam & Eve" in Hamburg,, or "Magic Tan") , In several browning levels for a perfect summer tan.


For fair-skinned, who only want a touch of summer tan, is the Mix of body lotion and self-tanner ideal. Anyone who creams on a daily basis will achieve a soft tan in two to three days. It looks especially natural, when in addition to DHA another tanning agent (erythrulose) is involved. In the sun you then tan completely normal and is not additionally protected by the tube tan.

Good to know

Self-tanners dye the uppermost layer of skin, which is thin enough for cigarette paper and consists of dead horny skin cells. As this layer sloughs off regularly - the skin loses about 10 grams of horny cells every day - it needs to have an even summer tan creamed every three to five days become.

Cream Guide

1. To avoid chipmunks, peel in advance, especially on heels, elbows and knees. 2. Beginners first apply body milk. The effect of the tanner is then not so intense, but more even. 3. Then apply plenty of self-tanner. Quiet often go over the same place: Brauner you will not. 4. Wash your hands and let it soak before putting it on. 5. If you also want to brown your hands, cream them after washing and then apply the self-tanner as evenly as possible to the fingers and back of the hand with a sponge.

Shimmering even more beautiful

After the shower, the skin needs a rich body lotion or body cream. The longer your summer-brown shoulders, arms and legs can hold the moisture, the longer the beautiful skin tone remains. And you take fat and moisture binders such as hyaluronic acid, glycerol or urea (urea). Urea should only be used in small doses (at most 5 percent), because urea molecules loosen the cement substance between the cells too much. The same applies to face creams or masks with salicylic acid. Also anti-aging creams that stimulate cell division (egwith vitamin A), stay better in the cupboard. Super instead: a moisturizer with vitamin E. This helps the skin to neutralize radicals released by the sun. Spray oils also give the arms, legs and décolleté a silky shimmer. Also nice: an oil with pearl particles. Back to our skincare special

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