Styling: The most beautiful make-up for football fans

The world is in football fever. Whether for public viewing in the pub or a party with friends: The right styling for the game must not be missing. But not everyone wants to leave the house in the jersey and with a German flag tattoo on the cheek. A subtle fan make-up in black, red and gold is also possible.

Red lips

With red lips every female fan is perfectly prepared for the event. Because depending on the combination they look sporty or elegant - but always super sexy and feminine! Even the FIFA World Cup fits gaudy lipstick in the red color of the Germany flag.

Black eyelashes

It continues with black - and where does the color fit better than the eyes? For the World Cup make-up, it may also be something more than in everyday life. So lavishly lash the eyelashes and apply eyeliner. A small touch of black eyeshadow on the outer end of the lower lash line opens the eye in addition.

Golden eye shadow

The highlight of the football make-up is golden eyeshadow. And it can be quietly applied a bit stronger during the celebration, so that the yellow-golden tone comes to its best advantage. If you have glittering pigments in the eye shadow, you should apply a tiny touch between the eye and the bridge of the nose with your finger - this opens the eye particularly and looks elegant.

When it comes to clothing, you can take it easy: A pair of black trousers and a white shirt are the perfect base, just combine accessories in red and gold - whether a bag, shoes or a colorful hair band: So the next game can come.

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