Study proves: fruits and vegetables make you happy!

Researchers at the University of Warwick have now discovered that the key to more happiness and happiness in life can be found in daily fruit and vegetable consumption. Ideally, there are eight servings of fruits and vegetables you should take during the day. The results of the study were published in the American Journal of Public Health.

Study: How Consumption Affects the Psyche

There are several studies on the positive health effects of fruits and vegetables on the risk of heart attacks and cancers. What has not yet been considered by research is the effect of food on the human psyche. This research gap has now closed scientists from the University of Warwick.

For their study, the researchers examined about 12,000 subjects, which were selected rather randomly. While the participants kept a food diary, the experts observed the psychological well-being of the subjects. The result: People who ate eight servings of fruits and vegetables a day saw a significant increase in life satisfaction over a two-year period.

Fruits and vegetables improve well-being? immediately

"Consuming fruits and vegetables seems to increase our happiness much faster than improving human health," says British expert Andre Oswald, according to the press release. The health motivation for eating fruits and vegetables is usually limited, since the benefits occur years or decades later. "The improvement in our well-being is, however, immediately after an increased consumption of fruits and vegetables," Oswald is sure.

Beware of excessive fruit and vegetable consumption

For all the love of fruits and vegetables? You should not overdo it with the consumption of certain fruits or vegetables. After all, these have a lot of fructose, which should not be consumed in excess. What effects fructose has on your body, you will learn in this article.

How the food you eat affects your brain - Mia Nacamulli (June 2021).

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