Strong & beautiful! 10 first names for tough girls

Your little girl is on the way and now the question is: What do you call it? Sure, it should already be a special name. Because he accompanies us all our life? and also plays a big role in the first impression. A powerful and strong name helps to show self-confidence and gives the impression of willpower and determination.

So far we know expressive names, especially from Scandinavia. But pretty variants are also derived from Old High German and Latin. We have a small selection of maiden names for Strength and force stand:

  • Jette - is the short form of Henriette and a rather unusual Old High German name meaning "mighty, power and the ruler"
  • Valerie - comes from the Latin word valere and means to be healthy or strong
  • Liv - comes from the Old Norse word HLIF and has the meaning "life or even protection, weir"
  • Tilda - is the short form of the Old High German name Mathilda and stands for a "powerful fighter"
  • Andrea - comes from the ancient Greek word andreios and means something like "the brave, the determined, the energetic"
  • Leonie - is the female form of Leo (the lion) and comes from the Latin. He means "the fighter, a woman as strong as a lion"
  • Verena - is the feminine form of the Latin word verus and means "the strong, the fighter, the proud"
  • Amalia - comes from the Gothic and means "the brave, the hard-working"
  • Cleo - is an independent short form of names such as Cleopatra. He means "the glorious, the famous"
  • Lotta - is the Swedish short form of Charlotte and above all means "the powerful, the free"

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