• April 1, 2020

Stollen: Our best recipes for self-baking

Christmas without studs? Inconceivably!

Stollen belongs to Christmas like the Christmas tree and the Christmas goose. Recipes for stollen are passed on from generation to generation. Stollen is the Christmas delicacy with probably the longest tradition in Germany. It already exists since 1329. According to tradition, the form is supposed to remember the baby Jesus. But above all, the stollen smells wonderful after Christmas.

There are countless recipes for stollen. Probably the best known comes from Saxony: The Dresdner Stollen is baked with marzipan, almonds and raisins. But it does not have to be galleries from Dresden: Just bake your own stollen for Christmas. These recipes with sultanas, currants and almonds are real highlights. Or make delicious stollen sweets as a gift in the Advent season.

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Now you have an appetite for studs? Here you will find the best recipes from the ChroniquesDuVasteMonde cuisine. By the way: Stollen tastes best if it could rest for two weeks. So you hide it well and be patient ...

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