Steve Irwin: His family is proud of his Hollywood star

Late honor for a major Australian documentary filmmaker: Steve Irwin, who passed away in 2006, also known as "Crocodile Hunter", has received a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. At the unveiling ceremony on Thursday were his widow Terri (53), his daughter Bindi (19) and his son Robert (14) arrived, as reported among others the "Sydney Morning Herald".

Many plastic crocodiles

Many fans had come to celebrate the unveiling with plastic crocodiles and "crikey" calls, but it also became emotional. "In my wildest dreams, I would not have imagined that this could come true," said Irwin's daughter Bindi in tears. "Together we will continue to fight for everything Papa worked so hard for." Not least Terri, Bindi and Robert posed with a huge anaconda in front of the star.

Irwin died underwater in September 2006 after a stingray stabbed him in the heart. The recordings should have been handed over to his family and were never published.

Steve Irwin Awarded Hollywood Star (March 2023).

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