Sportswear: Yeah, now they all wear without sports!

I have two extremely beautiful leggings that are actually meant for sports. I do sports very regularly? something three to five times a year? but not often. For a long time I am annoyed that these beautiful, colorful and butt-tightening clothes just lie around in the closet. But now there is the salvation for these hitherto without hope in the closet lying parts: A new trend, which I find incredibly great.

Sportswear everywhere: In London they have been doing this for a while

The best thing about this movement is that it really helps me feel very, very athletic. In fact, I look so in those parts that lift my butt and tighten my butt. Just this weekend I was in London - and there I saw a lot of people in athleisure clothes. What is that? Clothes that are intended for sports and are also useful, but look so cool that you can wear them anytime and look fully fit.

Finally, you can present his tight buttocks appropriately!

But the best part is not only that I now present to the world my tight butt (yes, imagination is also an education!) And at the same time look and feel super sporty, but that I can do that without doing any sports, yes, without even moving me an inch. These special fitness clothes are also breathable. If that's not great, I do not know! In any case, are they more comfortable than jeans or tight blouses? and now even a real status symbol. Because clothes from Sweaty Betty or Lululemon do not just look fancy, they also cost a few euros. However, it does not necessarily have to be the hip super luxury variant. Is also available at H & M or C & A.

Not just leggings, but also hoodies

Best of all, but this rule is not just for pants, but for the whole body. And apparently even everywhere. I've been wondering for a long time, why in the place where you stay the longest, the most uncomfortable things in the office. The name (mix of "athlete" = athlete and "leisure" = free time) does not mean that one should show up with the leggings in the office? but where else should you carry trends, if not there? I'll try that out right away. Can put on a dress, of course, a hoodie dress.

Nike - Introducing the Nike Sport Pack Collection (March 2023).

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