Spice Girls: That's why they now have a real credibility problem

A report by the "Guardian" on inhumane conditions in sewing shops in Bangladesh puts the Spice Girls in distress: The "Girlpower" pop group has there produced T-shirts for equal rights - by women, whose hourly wage is 40 cents. "Salma has never heard of the Spice Girls," reads the first sentence of the reportage.

The T-shirts, which were very popular and were also worn by many celebrities, advertise on their back with the word "Gender Justice" so "gender justice". About 13 euros per shirt sold (22 euros) goes to the British charity Comic Relief. For the women in South Asia, this will not matter, which is why the indignation is of course great now.

Unworthy conditions

The "Guardian" reports that they have to work 16 hours a day and are abused if they can not achieve the extremely ambitious daily goals. Pregnant women are also sentenced to work overtime until midnight after their shift - even if the other women offer the bosses to take the extra shift. Every month, women would fall off their chairs before overworking, that would be completely normal, Salma says in the report.

The big question is: Did you know about the Spice Girls? No, says a spokeswoman for the band and was shocked. It had checked the dealer before, but he would have changed without her knowledge the manufacturer.

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