Socks Trend: We should definitely commit this fashion faux pas now

Booties, sneaker socks or skin-colored tights? they all have the purpose of being as invisible as possible and leaving the grand entrance to footwear. The classic is only guaranteed if the sock does not stand out from the shaft!

Unfortunately we have to disagree now. In the coming season, we are looking for the most eye-catching socks possible: whether with ruffles, in net optics, with lurex threads or motifs. Socks are welcome to be shown this winter - even in open shoes!

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How is the current Sockentrend to bear?

It is important that the socks are not simply pulled up and look irrelevantly out of the shoe. They have to be staged neatly! She sells her socks with motives, in bright colors or with lurex threads slightly on the leg, creating a casual look. Fishnet stockings, on the other hand, are pulled up "neatly" and do not only go well with boots, but also perfectly with low shoes. If this combi is too cold on the feet, it also carries booties, which then remain hidden in the shoe.

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Styling Ideas

The patterned and eye-catching socks are now not only allowed to float from closed shoes, but are also worn in pumps, sandals or flat sliders, making an airy summer shoe suitable for winter use.

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Here are the Trend socks for after-shopping:

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