So you stop eating after just a cookie

Balance is the alpha and omega

Nutritionist Sohee Lee can easily stop eating a biscuit. On her homepage SoheeFit she explains how it works. Therefore, it is not about being particularly disciplined, but about eating in moderation and balanced. Every meal is balanced. If you eat greasy food in the evening, make sure to eat vegetables and fruit during the day. Something sweet should be paired with proteins.

Lee calls this "delayed gratification": you're giving up something so you can treat yourself to a "reward" later. If you make the decision to eat something only at a certain time and in a certain amount, the enjoyment is also significantly higher.

A biscuit is just a cookie

Once you open a box of biscuits, do you eat them completely empty? This may come from old behavior patterns. As a child, have you ever heard the phrase, "If you do not eat, the sun does not shine tomorrow"? Or did you have to fight a big brother who ate faster? Either way: Remember that you do not have to eat the can? even a single cookie can create satisfaction. All the more if you can look forward to another cookie the next day.

Take care of sweets

Please what? Yes, that's right. Those who surround themselves in their four walls with sweets in the form of chocolate, gummi bears, biscuits and ice cream do not necessarily need them. Nothing is worse than giving up something that you do not have in the house, and at the next opportunity, you can swallow it. If you always bunk the sweets in your home, does urgency take a back seat after eating? and you automatically eat less.

What'll Happen If You Stop Eating Junk Food for 7 Days (June 2021).

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