So you make a good day out of a bad day

It's one of those days again, because you would like to crawl in a hole in the ground and make the lid. Knock Knock? Nobody at home! With a few tricks the day can still be saved. So you bring back the good mood - in a maximum of 10 minutes!

Listen to the favorite song

Sounds simple, but works reliably. If your favorite song is not exactly a melancholy breeze à la "All by myself", then it's time to turn up and sing along!

Take a little walk

Exercise almost always helps against grief, just a short walk. The most beautiful is a round in the woods, away from the everyday problems. Mindfully listen to nature and enjoy it with all your senses - wonderful!

Write a nice message

Think about who has done you good lately and write him a thank-you message. Studies have shown that it automatically lightens the mood when we think about the things that make us thankful.

Eat dark chocolate

We just can not deny it: chocolate makes you happy! And that's why it's perfectly okay to put a stop to a bad day. However, it should not be milk, but dark chocolate. Because she spills out with us a lot of endorphins. Of course, as always: enjoy in moderation!

Cute animal videos look

Whether clumsy cats, heroic dogs or droll elephant babies - animals just warm our hearts. And conjure a smile on our lips.

Plan the next vacation

Summer, sun, beach and sea. The anticipation of the next holiday sells lousy mood in no time. The best time to browse through a few travel catalogs and dream away a bit!


Meditation is not only in the Buddhist monastery or in nature. Works at home too! With a little practice, you can relax so wonderfully and regain your inner balance. Here's a little guide to meditation.

Going for a walk with a dog

That the cuddly four-legged friends do our soul well, has long been scientifically proven. Not for nothing are therapy dogs used in medicine. If you have a shelter near you, ask if you can run dogs there. Chase your Miesepeter mood and the animals do you also something good!

To pry up

Even if you do not want to go out, put on your favorite dresses one at a time, put up your hair and try out the new mascara. Such a small fashion show on its own strengthens the self-confidence and increases the anticipation of the next party.

Immerse in green

Scientists have found that the color green has a particularly mood-enhancing effect. So put on something green, paint a picture in green or take care of your (green) houseplants!

Daniel Powter - Bad Day (Official Music Video) (July 2020).

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