So you improve your relationship in 30 seconds

John Gottman is a little god among the pair researchers of this world. He taught at the University of Washington and later built The Goodman Institute. That is, the man knows his way around the psychology of relationships.

In this video of his institute he tells an anecdote. He had just written his book "7 Secrets of a Happy Marriage" and now had to convince a publisher to spend a lot of money on marketing so that the book would sell well.

But the publisher was skeptical and wanted Gottman to prove that his book was really good. He got up and said, "Give me some advice on how to improve my marriage in 30 seconds."

Gottman was overwhelmed, but then he said, "Support your wife's dreams."

The publisher ran out of the room and Gottman saw the marketing for his book already lost. But actually the publisher visited his wife directly and asked her, "What are your dreams?" The woman was touched and replied, "I thought so, you never ask." After that they had a great conversation about their dreams.

Incidentally, the book by John Gottman got his marketing and became a bestseller.


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