So much can a body change with Photoshop

Do you know that? Sometimes you would like to have longer legs, bigger eyes, a thinner belly, more muscular arms, a luscious bosom ...

So did Kelsey Highly, a student of media design at the University of Oklahoma in the United States. This desire for change brought her the idea of ​​photographing herself and "optimizing" individual body parts with Photoshop. The resulting 126 images - one of course, 125 digitally edited - has animated them in a video.

"Manipulated" has become a fascinating self-portrait: "I deliberately show myself in the video," says Kelsey Highly on their website. "As a young woman, I've often had an impact on my appearance, there were times when I wanted to have a six-pack and big boobs, then I said again that I should accept my body the way it is, but I can barely walk on the Internet, I'm flooded with images of 'ideal beauty' and come again into doubt. "

The video shows how media and public opinion influence our own body perception. In any case, Kelsey Highley has opened her eyes to the (fortunately still normally large) eyes: "With every click I realized that the changes in my body made me unrecognizable and no longer fit my actual self." The project has led to seeing things that I had previously considered a blemish as human. And I love that. "

How to Transform the Body in Photoshop (March 2023).

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