Smooth thing! Five things against (X-MAS) stress lines


Raspberry Seed and Vitamin E: Sounds good, right? What sounds even better: Just apply this revitalizing treatment, retire to the back room and be alone for a while. Without all the relatives.

Drinking well ...

... you can with this wonderful drink in a very nice bottle. Collagin is said to contain drinkable collagen and other rejuvenating herbs such as chamomile, tea tree and witch hazel. And gin, of course. We say "cheers".

Awake for three days

Holidays are not without reason. Sleep likes to miss it. That's why this firming cream is perfect for those who need to iron a bit around their eyes because the night is shorter and the crow's feet are a little bit deeper.

Chic in sleep

Silk pillowcases are not only very soft, they are supposed to protect the skin from wrinkles with proteins. By the way, too. Of course it is very relaxing to be so soft. that never hurts.

Helps immediately

Who has no time for long-term measures and even before Christmas against hustle and bustle the livid complexion of the year: This anti-aging foundation has a special light-reflecting effect that visually compensate for bumps and lines and should radiate the complexion. Sounds tempting, we want to have.


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