Smart men can be recognized by their face!

Have you ever wondered if the attractive waiter from your favorite restaurant has something on the box? Or the last Tinder match? Then this study could be of burning interest to you. Because supposedly it is possible to judge the intelligence of a man only by his face.

Man, he is smart!

Scientists at Charles University in Prague showed their male and female subjects 40 photos of men and women and asked them to rate their intelligence. At the same time they tested the real intelligence quotient of the persons shown by means of an IQ test. The result: The test subjects were able to judge the men pretty well, how intelligent they are. The women, however, were often wrongly classified.

The scientists concluded from the results that women tend to be more attractive. It's a well-known effect that we also automatically consider people we find appealing intelligent.

Which facial features are crucial?


The researchers morphed the male faces, which were considered intelligent, and thus could create an "intelligent stereotype": He has Narrow chin, a long face, a larger distance between the eyes, a longer nose and a narrow chin (far right in the picture). Well, do you know such a person?

Your Face Could Show How Smart You Really Are (August 2020).