Slim with fat?

That's it: nougat cream thick on a roll, plenty of oil for cooking, margarine no longer be squeamish - and still lose weight! This should be made possible by "mct-fats". The abbreviation stands for medium-chain fatty acids (medium-chain triglycerides). They are immediately burned in the body and do not even land - like other fatty acids - on the stomach and hips. It is therefore possible to eat more food with mct fats without increasing it, than from comparable "normal" products, according to a Prague study funded by the German Institute of Nutritional Medicine and Dietetics in Bad Aachen.

In addition, mct-fats boost the metabolism, and this protects against the yo-yo effect during a reduction diet, claims the "Diet" Institute. Stupid only, that these fatty acids hardly occur in our usual diet. But there are appropriate foods to buy in the health food store or via the mail order (eg cooking oil, margarine, mayonnaise, processed cheese, chocolate, chocolate spreads and spicy spreads). These products contain mct fats from coconut and palm kernel oil and have been developed for a relatively small clientele of sick people who are susceptible to fat absorption. And now also Abspeckwillige should come to the taste.

But should neither obese nor normal weight people make false hopes, warns Professor Berthold Koletzko, a doctor at the Munich University Hospital, "who eats too much fat and mct still on top of it, will certainly increase." Although the medium-chain fatty acids are burned, but the other fatty acids are deposited. It only makes sense to replace oil and spreads with mct food and eat less fat overall.

Berthold Koletzko also warns against consuming such products without expert advice. "Too much of it can lead to hyperacidity in the body and a lack of carnitine." In any case, you should get used to his body in small steps to the new diet and increase the amounts slowly, otherwise you risk stomach problems and diarrhea. Conclusion of the Munich doctor: "Whether with or without mct-fats: Who does not change his diet, will not change his overweight."

How to Tone and Slim Your Butt Under 20 Minutes (June 2021).

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