Skin Care: With the perfect complexion in the second Oktoberfest week

The most beautiful make-up is free, if the skin is not properly cared for. So that woman on the Oktoberfest not only makes a good figure in a dirndl and beautiful hairstyle, but also can radiate with a beautiful skin, there are the ultimate care tips here.

Cleaning - The dirt must go

The best way to start with the right care one evening before the Oktoberfest visit. The cleaning of the skin is very important. For dry and older skin we recommend a creamy wash lotion that has a mild effect and still removes the dirt on the face. It should also contain moisturizing ingredients such as glycerine or shea butter.

For oily and impure skin, use a gel with tea tree oil. This not only dries the pimples, but also has a disinfecting effect and prevents new impurities. Normal skin is the easiest to treat, as it is enough a simple cleanser, which eliminates the remaining makeup remnants.

Toner - pampering for the skin

After cleaning, the toner should come first. This moisturizes and prepares the skin for further care. Again, you should pay attention to his skin type. For oily skin, especially Tonics are suitable to reduce the pores on the face. For dry and normal skin, toner with aloe vera, green tea or rose water is especially welcome. The toner is best applied with a cotton pad or with clean hands.

Serum - the all-rounder

Now the skin is ready for the all-rounder par excellence and a serum. Whether for anti-aging, against pimples or for normal skin, serums are skin boosters and effectively take care of the respective needs. They are an integral part of the care routine. Vitamin E and Vitamin C serums are very well suited for all skin types as they promote collagen production in the skin, thus stopping premature wrinkling. In addition, vitamin C also helps against hyperpigmentation and age spots.

Cream - For sealing the moisture

Finally, a moisturizing cream should be used. A moisturizing gel is recommended especially for oily skin, while dry skin should resort to a rich cream. For normal skin and combination skin simple lotions are suitable. During the day you should not forget the sunscreen under the make-up.

Extras for the Oktoberfest

A peeling also helps to improve the appearance of the skin for the next day. A face mask or a night mask can be used before and after the Oktoberfest. There is a wide selection of products that make your face shine.

A spray with rose water is the ideal companion for the tent, if you want to refresh the make-up again. It also brings a little cooling in the stuffy tent. Finally, do not forget to do away with makeup at the end of the day, because even after a long day, skin care should not be neglected. With this routine, every woman is guaranteed to be at her best!

GRWM GIRLS NIGHT + OUTFIT | itsmizmadz (April 2020).

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