Sirtfood: lose weight and stay healthy

What is behind Sirtfood?

Dietary trends such as the Paleo diet, Shred diet or Low Fat 30 are outdated, now it says: Sirtfood! The sirtfood diet, similar to its predecessor, the low-carb diet, especially on proteins, To be precise, to a specific protein called sirtuin. So to lose weight, you just have to stick to certain foods that contain this protein in this dietary trend. Sounds too good to be true. But what is Sirtuin anyway?

Sirtuin? What is it?

Sirtuin is a specific protein in the muscle building and at the fat burning helps. It strengthens ours immune systemIt also protects against diseases and inflammation in the body and ensures that the cell metabolism decreases. This means that the aging process is slowed down, leaving her "longer young".

Sirtfood diet: how does it work? S?

Sirtfood developers Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten promise: within one week, you will lose up to three kilos with this diet. How it works?
About intake of foods rich in sirtuins and reduced calorie intake. Specifically: In the first week you should take 1000 calories, in the second week about 1500 per day to you. Anyone who does sports will, of course, be even more spicy. So, those who eat the sirtfood diet do not have to worry about how much they eat, but what they eat.

What foods are on the diet plan?

Want to lose weight? These foods are rich in sirtuin and are allowed during the sirtfood diet:

  • buckwheat
  • walnuts
  • parsley
  • turmeric
  • garlic
  • soy
  • Green tea
  • celery
  • arugula
  • Kale
  • capers
  • Cold pressed olive oil
  • Red onions
  • Kale
  • Chilis
  • Black coffee
  • red wine
  • Dark chocolate (with a cocoa content of at least 85 percent)
  • blueberries
  • strawberries

Can I lose weight with the sirtfood diet?

The success of the sirtfood diet has not yet been scientifically proven. If you eat a while after the sirtfood diet, you have to change your diet permanently, otherwise the yo-yo effect will start. Very few calories are consumed in the first week, while other programs such as the ChroniquesDuVasteMonde diet work with a significantly higher calorie intake - and still lose weight.

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