Sing my song: Johannes Strate wishes Rea Garvey a band member

The fifth season "Sing my song" is in the starting blocks. On Tuesday (8:15 pm, VOX), new host Mark Forster (34) welcomes the new artists Mary Roos (69), Rea Garvey (44), Judith Holofernes (41), Johannes Strate (38), Leslie Clio (34). 31) and Marian Gold (63). The show was already recorded in March in South Africa. Revolver hero-frontman Strate has the honor to open the new season. He is very touched by the format. "It's very emotional when you sit on the sofa with the same musicians evening after night and discuss a wide variety of topics," says the 38-year-old in an interview with spot on news.

He was most surprised by Marian Gold and Mary Roos. "I had never met the two before and musically we have no intersection." Strate had already had a friendly relationship with the other candidates. That's why he says, "I was looking forward to any reinterpretation of our songs, but with Marian and Mary that was something very special and exciting."

Asked what "song my song" participant Strate would immediately record in his band Revolverheld, the hamburger replied that the band agreed, "Rea Garvey is one of us." The Irishman is "also such a band-type, who likes to drink a beer, makes stupid sayings and has a big heart", so Strate. "He could play in our band right away."

LESLIE CLIO - DAMAGE DONE [2016] (March 2023).

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