• July 10, 2020

Sienna Miller: Which look is your favorite?

Look 1: Sunny Gold Marie

Oh, there you can understand the Jew and the Rhys and the Balthazar - they were all very much in love with the beautiful Miss Miller. Understandable with the sun-blonde hair and the delightful smile.

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Look 2: Casual incognito program

Nothing is spectacular about this look: striped shirt, simple open hair, good, the sunglasses are a bit too large. Perhaps this is why Sienna's styling is pleasantly casual and worthy of imitation.

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Look 3: ingredients for a diva

Actually, the girly-looking 26-year-old is not on Diva class at all, but she knows which styling ingredients are needed for the glamorous appearance: coral-red lips, the little black dress, sparkle earrings and an equally bright smile.

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Look 4: Lady Jam?

We really can not find any other explanation for this silly lift than an invitation to the carnival party of the carnival-obsessed Heidi Klum and her godfather Seal. Disguise: Lady Jam.

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Look 5: Who radiates more ...

... the sequins on Sienna Miller's summer top or the cute actress herself? And in fact, we are just about to light our hair with wheat blond strands.

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Look 6: Miss Holiday

But that's enough, dear Sienna. How does one manage to look as if sunrays have just stroked St. Barth's complexion? Hach, we'll buy a tube of self-tanner right now ...

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Sienna Miller: I always thought I'd be married by now! (My Teenage Self) (July 2020).

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