Sick leave: You have to pay attention!

Sick leave: 3 important facts!

  • The sick leave must be the employer at the latest on the fourth working day of incapacity for work
  • Doctor decides individually how long a worker will be on sick leave
  • If it is not detrimental to recovery, you can also go out and do things during the sick leave

Sick leave: When do I have to contact the employer?

  • Basically, we must first between a Sick leave and a sick leave differ. Pursuant to Section 5 of the German Payment Continuing Act (EntgFG), a sick report must be given promptly, ie at the latest at the beginning of working hours.
  • The timely message It is also important for you to maintain your entitlement to a six-week salary payment. Also the approximate Duration of your illness do you inform the employer about the sick report?
  • If you are ill for more than three working days, you will need the inability certificate at the latest on the fourth working day submit the disease to the employer. However, according to labor law, it is permissible to agree a shorter period in the employment contract.
  • Even if there is no obligation, as an employee to submit the sick leave already before, the Boss demand this ? regardless of the suspicion of a fake disease.

Sick leave: How long can I get sick?

  • Depending on the disease, recovery takes time individually different lengths, In principle, the doctor has the power to determine how long you will be on sick leave. However, he also has to follow certain guidelines.
  • Here, a doctor is the incapacity certificate initially not for more than two weeks Exhibit, unless it is a really lengthy illness. In that case, the sick leave can also up to a month be.
  • By the way: If you have been on sick leave for more than six weeks, the employer's wages will end and the sickness benefit will come into effect. You can also find all the information about the sick pay with us.

Sick leave: May I go out in spite of illness?

In spite of illness, sick employees may, of course, go outside, say To do shopping or drugs pick up. In no case, however, may they pursue another job.

But what about other activities? It applies the principle that you to do everythingif it is one do not get in the way of quick recovery stands. So it depends on your illness, whether a visit to the cinema or shopping are justifiable.

Sick leave: What if I have recovered before?

Fortunately, some diseases can be defeated after a short time, so that the inability to work is no longer given. In that case, of course, you too go back to work, despite existing sick leave. You should even go back to work if you're healthy, there's one Certificate of disability only shows an approximate duration.

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