Shawn Mendes: The singer has to apologize for a tweeting

That started backwards! Because he licked a controversial tweet, Shawn Mendes (20, "There's Nothing Holdin 'Me Back") now had to apologize to his fans. The musician had pressed on a questionable post from a right-wing Australian politician on Twitter on "Like". The tweet made fun of it, like a transvestite, who would like to be called a woman, receives the diagnosis of testicular cancer.

For the fans of pop singer an absolute no-go, after all, the musician has a role model function. The singer responded immediately to the allegations of his fans and apologized on his Twitter profile. "I must have mistaken that when I scrolled down my feed, you know me, I would never do that, I'm sorry."

Shawn Mendes Apologizes For Being Rude To Fans And Then Deletes It! (May 2021).

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