Sebastian Pannek and Clea-Lacy: Surprising love-out at the "Bachelor" -trauma-couple

They were considered the "Bachelor" dream couple par excellence. One and a half years Sebastian Pannek (31) and Clea-Lacy Juhn (27) were happily married, even moved into a shared apartment. But now everything is over. In his Instagram story, the 31-year-old now announces, "We've always loved sharing our lives, and it's important to Clea and me that you know right away that we're not a couple anymore." He does not name reasons for the separation, but writes that they have "split apart in good" and "we both are well".

No further details?

More details about the love-out fans of the former "bachelor" couple but probably not experienced. Both have posted the same text in their Instagram stories, and it says, "Please understand that we do not want to comment on that."

Sebastian Pannek set out in 2017 in the RTL dome show "The Bachelor" in search of great love. In the final, his choice fell to the half Brazilian Clea-Lacy. They were one of the few couples who were still together after the show ended.

Love You Baby - The Bachelor 2017 (July 2020).

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