Season 2 starts this summer

"Marvel's Luke Cage" returns this summer with season two. Harlem's own superhero will be back on Netflix exclusively on June 22nd. This was announced by the streaming service on Tuesday. Again, Luke Cage must defend his district from corrupt politicians and evil powers, they say.

Who is Luke Cage? A sabotaged experiment has given Luke Cage a bullet-proof skin. Thanks to his superhuman abilities, he quickly became a star in Harlem. However, his image as the savior of the city also increases his need to protect every single one in this community. But he can not save everyone, which is an internal conflict for Cage: who should he rescue and who should not? In season two, Cage is forced to reinstate his superhuman abilities by the rise of a new, formidable enemy, Netflix News Release said. Whether he will cross the fine line that turns him from a hero to a villain, all fans of the series learn from 22 June.

endless summer season 2 episode 1 (season 2 starts with a big break) (July 2020).

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