Scarlett Johansson: Your kiss is just perfect

No pout is more beautiful than that of Scarlett Johansson (33, "Lucy"). This was the result of a study by the plastic surgeon dr. Paul Heidekruger. In his research, the Munich examined various lip shapes and sizes and tested which are particularly attractive to humans. A total of 560 plastic surgeons and the same number of subjects from 35 nations gave their opinion. The result is an international formula that put Scarlett Johansson in first place in the race for the most beautiful lips.

"A lip ratio of 1: 1 is most comfortable for women," quotes the British "Daily Mail" the Munich surgeons. Thanks to the identical thickness of her lower and upper lip, the actress has the perfect kiss, closely followed by the British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (30). On the other hand, actress Emma Watson (27, "Harry Potter") did less well. Her upper lip is clearly too narrow. However, Watson has no reason to be sad. In his study, Heidekrüger expressly points out that the results merely represent "current trends in aesthetics" and could change at any time.

Was that your first kiss since 1945? That bad, huh? Captain America: The Winter Soldier(2014) (June 2021).

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