Sattmacher: 10 foods that fill you up!

Sattmacher: What is behind it?

As a sattler, we refer to food that lasts for a long time. They do this mainly because they have the Do not touch blood sugar levels big, In particular, fast food and sweets cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels, which is accompanied by an equally strong drop in the connection. Cravings are the result. Sattmers are also suitable very good for losing weight.

Saddlers usually fall into two categories:

  1. roughage
  2. proteins

Sattmacher: The power of fiber

Fiber has the advantage of being not processed or stored as food by the body become. In addition, they support the digestion of your diet and are mostly found in foods that contain many micronutrients.

  • vegetables
  • whole grain products

Have fiber itself only two calories per gram, This makes them lower in calories than carbohydrates or proteins. In addition, they often swell in your stomach and thus provide for a bloatingwhich feeds and fights hunger. In our list below you will get many foods that are very high in fiber.

Sattmacher: Advantages of protein-rich foods

Proteins are with four calories As low in calories as carbohydrates, however, they usually saturate much better. This is also because your body uses energy to metabolize protein.

Carbohydrates are immediately available as energy and are deposited as fat when energy is no longer needed. In contrast, proteins are also good for losing weightbecause the energy consumed for processing consumes about a quarter less calories.

Sattmacher: 10 foods against hunger!

1. Potatoes: Belonging to the complex carbohydrates like rice or pasta, however, contain more fiber and less calories.

2. Quark: Lean quark contains a lot of protein and hardly any fat. It is therefore slowly digested and is a true all-purpose weapon when hungry.

3rd egg: The egg symbolizes high-quality protein. The biological value is great and eggs keep you full for a long time.

4. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is made from whole grains and contains lots of fiber. In this case, the pithy version of the delicate is preferable, as you need longer to chew them and therefore the saturation effect starts faster.

5. Banana: Bananas are perhaps the all-purpose weapon par excellence when it comes to quickly recharge energy on the go. Even before exercise, they are suitable as a vitamin, magnesium and potassium supplier. Whether pure or mixed in shake? The banana is sure to fill you up!

6. vegetables: Vegetables have the advantage that it consists to a large extent of water. Water is heavy and fills the stomach without you consuming many calories. In addition, vegetables are blessed with fiber and also provides healthy micronutrients, ie vitamins and minerals.

7. Whole grain rice: Contains many carbohydrates, but is also rich in fiber, unlike normal rice.

8. Legumes: Legumes combine protein with fiber. So they are perfect satirists! Because of many problems with legume digestion: drink a lot and season the fruits well, e.g. with fennel or caraway.

9. apple: Apples not only contain a lot of fiber, they also produce a stuffed stomach due to the relatively long eating time. Therefore, they are also good as a starter.

10. Quinoa: Quinoa is a so-called pseudo-grain and is considered the grain of the Inca. It combines a high protein content with a good dose of fiber. A very healthy choice that will fill you up.

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