Running training - more fun, more impact

The hard-working ones are the estimated eleven paces from the sofa to the front door. Those who have made it, will be rewarded: with more energy, good circulation, a boosted metabolism, happiness hormones, solid legs and much more, what a running training so everything causes. But these eleven steps are unfortunately very difficult. It could all be very easy. Learn how to start running and how to feel better immediately, with less effort.

Running Training 1: Playfully

You feel: Actually fit and active, but you are kind of annoyed

Your request: The training should be fun and improve your mood

Our suggestion: Play the sport

Get advice from the specialists, who are constantly moving - and where jumping and running is a natural drive: with the children. So you learn not only endurance, but also a lot of coordination, tact and strength. Sport playfully changes the perspective: from annoying to funny. And suddenly it's a lot of fun.

Try it

Training Change: Change brings something new - just go the other way around. Incorporate tempo changes that are based on the external conditions. For example: up the small hill, then hopping down with both legs like a frog, on the dirt road racing a hundred paces as fast as it can, trotting across the meadow, touching the ground again and again with one hand, as if They pick flowers as they pass by.

Change of direction: Not forward, but running backwards - every few minutes and at least 30 paces long. Then do a few exercises sideways: first the left over the right leg, 30 steps long. Then change direction: the right over the left leg. Also train the coordination!

Mood Swing: Sounds, rhythms and melodies mainly affect the emotional centers in the brain. There, they increasingly let happiness hormones dance - and forget the effort. Dr. Costas Karageorghis, sports psychologist at British Brunel University, has found that music works best at speeds of 120 to 140 beats per minute, increasing our endurance and speed by up to 20 percent.

Running Training 2: Combine jogging and figure-workout

You feel: Simply great: healthy, fit, active and alert - let's go!

Your request: Get fit and shape the figure at the same time

Our suggestion: Sturdy power, running workout with figure workout

Run and shape the figure - that often does not work together. Good that there is now Sturdy Power, the new all-round training for runners. Sturdy Power provides powerful arm exercises that can be easily integrated into running training. The Cologne fitness trainer Bernhard Koch developed this dynamic program exclusively for ChroniquesDuVasteMonde BALANCE.

That's how it's done:

Run or walk your favorite track as usual. Depending on the running time, find a nice spot every 3-10 minutes, just dig in place and perform the arm movements shown for about 15-30 seconds.

That's how it works:

  • A plus in fitness, strength and energy
  • Time savings: figure and endurance training in one
  • High calorie consumption and thus more fat burning
  • Beautiful, defined arms and shoulders - great legs anyway
  • Fun - because your running training is entertaining and entertaining

Sturdy Power - The Workout: Running with Arm and Shoulder Training

1. The flap

Their upper arms are at shoulder level and point outwards with their elbows. Her forearms point vertically upwards with her fingers closed. Her palm is pointing forward. Flip your forearms 90 degrees forward and back.

2. The hammer

Her arms are stretched forward at shoulder height with her fingers closed. Then the fingers of both hands firmly grip each other. Now move your arms up and down about 10 centimeters with quick strokes.

3. The butterfly

Upper arms at shoulder height, elbows outwards. Forearms with closed fingers vertically upwards. Hand inside forward. Move your bent arms forward so that your elbows touch. Then open again.

4. The head-and-ceiling train

Your two hands reach into each other, creating a fist. Place your crossed hands over your head with a small gap in the middle. Stretch your arms long, then pull them back.

5. The little circles

Her arms are stretched at shoulder height long to the side. Her hands are pointing down with her fingers closed. Draw fast and small forward circles with your arms.

6. The fast scissors

Both arms stretched forward forwards, the inside of the hands towards each other.Keep hands at a distance of 10 to 20 centimeters, then pull high and low with controlled short and fast movements.

7. The big V

Stretch your arms forward at shoulder height. Then turn your arms outwards so that your thumbs are pointing outwards. From this position, pull the right and left arms alternately upwards. Decelerate the movement at the highest point. Then with the arm back to the starting point.

8. The throw

Both elbows point forward. Her hands are folded into a fist and point upwards. Throw the closed fist over the right shoulder and then over the left shoulder. Your upper arms should remain at shoulder level.

Running Training 3: Get fit faster with sprints

You feel: Actually healthy and active, but very stressed

Your request: Despite lack of time, you want to do something for your stamina

Our suggestion: Get fit with sprint training in minutes

Let's clean up with an old one Belief on: Jogging for at least half an hour - it does not matter. Not correct! Exploding a few minutes is just as effective, say Canadian researchers. In one study, they prescribed 30 seconds of sprints four to seven consecutive times a day for two weeks - they had to cycle as fast as possible. Lo and behold: After two weeks of daily training, the ultra-short athletes had doubled their stamina, could effortlessly endure a short hour in normal, slow endurance training. Summary of the scientists: Sprint training is a good option for those who have little time. So: daily 4-7 sprints of 30 seconds - and you'll be in top shape. Interval training is also a very effective training method.

And more short workouts - this time for the muscles:

  • When watching television, make 5 jumps (moving sideways from one leg to the other and back) 5 times for 1 minute: This trains the coordination, prevents torn ligaments.
  • Basically, do not go up the stairs, but jump up - that gives more strength endurance!
  • Squat while brushing your teeth - strengthens your muscles.

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