"Run away, gape or help?" What goes through our heads in accidents

There she lay, unable to breathe, and gasping so that I was terrified. My first thought: "Does it stand out when I leave?". My second: "You can not bring that". So I ran to the woman and asked what was going on, if I could help. Relieved, the young man, who had stood beside her helplessly, stuttered as to whether he should get a doctor. "Yes, please, very fast," I said. And that was my main concern? but not only ? about the life of the heavily breathing woman. I knew how happy I would be when someone finally came and knew exactly what to do.

TV doctors are not so stupid

As long as nobody came, I did something that was highly silly but effective. I imitated lifesavers from movies, held the woman's hand, told her that help would come straightaway. When she threatened to faint, I said so determinedly, "Keep your eyes open" and "Wake Up!" That she did not dare to step away. If I'm not mistaken, I'd seen it in "Die Hard," "Gray's Anatomy," or some other off-balance format. I could not think of anything better, But she calmed down a bit until the doctor came to help her quickly. She had an allergic shock and later told me that it was good to pretend that I had everything under control. Fortunately, she was fit again the next day.

First aid skills you have to refresh

I, on the other hand, started shaking days later and became thoughtful as I remembered the situation.What would I have done if she really had suffered a cardiac arrest? What if it had not been a nice, young, clean-looking woman, but an unkempt, unhealthy-looking man? Maybe still full of vomit or blood? I dont know. But I wanted to know what I could do next time I got into such a situation. At first, I thought about refreshing my first aid skills on a course. My new hero-me became more reserved when I saw that it would only work with at least a full Saturday. Also, I had not until three years ago, when my first child was born, a refresher course made. Theoretically, I knew what to do. It was not the ignorance that had unsettled me, but my fear.

Prefer to do better than leave

I called a fellow accident surgeon first and told him how scared I was. Then I asked him if I could do a lot wrong with the heart massage."Doing something is always better than doing nothing, and we all have respect, including doctors.", It would be important only to make sure that it gets going again in case of cardiac arrest. But how do I do that right again? "You kneel next to the patient, clasping your hands and pressing with straight arms and straight back to the middle of the chest about five to six inches deep, one to two compressions per second is the rule." Can I really do not break anything, I'll ask a friendly nurse later. "A few broken ribs are always better than dead," she answered. By the way, breathing is good, but it does not have to be. Anyone who dares hold the affected person's nose and breathes lightly from his mouth into his mouth.

If nothing works, just be there

And who can not do that is only a human being. Choosing the 112, holding hands, looking for the body and telling the person concerned that help will come soon: That's what you usually get. Even if you are nervous and have no idea at all. At least that helps a bit. I know that from my own experience.

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