Royale's secret: That's why the Queen gets a red briefcase every day!

Queen Elisabeth is now 92 years old. And yet she is far from retired. A queen will stay a queen until death (or until she abdicates). This position also involves rights and duties. At this point, the mysterious red briefcase is used.

As queen, the queen has no political power. But she has the right to warn, encourage or consult the government if she thinks it is necessary. Of course, this can only be done effectively if it knows what is going on in all 52 states of the Commonwealth of which it is the head of state.

The tasks of the Queen

In addition, it is the task of the Queen to sign all laws, which the British Parliament decides (similar to the task of the Federal President in Germany). For this, the Queen must always be kept up to date on what's going on in the UK. Every Wednesday at 6:30 pm, the reigning Prime Minister visits the Queen at Buckingham Palace? almost a political chat!

Of course, the Prime Minister takes all sorts of documents from the government for the weekly meeting. These must be transported in strict confidence. And that happens how? Right: In the notorious red briefcase! But not only for that he is used.

363 days a year on the side of the Queen

The UK government website says, "For information with a higher level of security, ministers need to use shipping boxes that offer a higher level of security and are usually red." That means: 363 of the 365 days of the year (first Christmas holiday and Easter Sunday excluded) brings the so-called Page of Presence the red briefcase to the queen. The content: the papers compiled by the government representatives with the most up-to-date information of the day. No matter where the queen is? the suitcase is brought to her.

And what about the answers and reactions of the Queen? They are also brought in a red briefcase to the respective politician (usually the Prime Minister or Lord Chancellor). The suitcase carries the initials HE, in which e for Elisabeth and R stands for Regina (ie Queen), as well as the II (for Elisabeth the second). The initials are provided with a golden crown.

Value of the red briefcase: around 1,000 euros

Incidentally, the red suitcases are made by the British luxury brand Barrow, Hepburn & Gale, They are made of pine wood, lined with black satin and weigh two to three kilograms. Why are they so heavy? Well, they are of course bombproof! Cost of accessories: around 1,000 euros.

P. S .: The red briefcase, too Dispatched box called, has been in the royal family for generations. However, the suitcase of Queen Elizabeth's grandfather, King George V, looked different: he was smaller and black. This variant still exists today? if a discrete transport of the documents is necessary ...

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