Rihanna shows hair on her legs: why do we have to talk so much about it?

On one of her latest posts on Instagram, Superstar Rihanna is posing in the sun and the comment bar is no longer standing still. Fans and followers comment on the stubble on their legs, who? honestly ? Hard to imagine, as if they were the spring scandal par excellence. There are both cheers and praising comments for their courage to show themselves so obvious with leg hair, as well as nasty commentators who wonder why they still have to hold their unshaven planks in the camera.

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when u can? t wait for summer.

A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on May 2, 2018 at 10:37 am PDT


Rihanna does it and we should all join in: #leghairdontcare


Calm down please! Because we actually find, the topic should be worth no discussion. Now a little hype has emerged from the Instagram post and Barbara is talking about having a shower in the daytime video. It's like this: I personally do not like to show my hair on my legs either. Dark hair on a light skin is really strong and I do not feel comfortable with it. BUT: At the same time, I find myself quite stupid that on a spontaneous summer day, when I might not have silky-smooth legs, squeeze into black leggings or thick jeans to hide this little flaw in any case. My cellar-tanned legs are screaming for sun. and I love summer dresses!


More tolerance for hair on the legs? but please less talk!

Sure, everyone as well as he feels and great, if there are great role models. But for me personally, this post by Rihanna and the discussion about it shows that I still would not feel comfortable walking out of the house with unshaven, bare legs. Why? To be praised then for how brave that is and how great it is for humanity that I want to present my leg hair so obviously to everyone. Guys, it's only leg stumps? can not we just ignore that? Yes, I would like to wear summer clothes even on the bad days. And no, I still do not want to talk about my leg hair. Thank you!

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