Rihanna: "I want to keep my butt"

Pop star Rihanna (30, "Love On The Brain") likes to show her curves on the red carpet. In an interview with her cover on British "Vogue" she said, according to "Mail Online", that she did not want to lose her curves.

Rihanna says in the September issue of the magazine that she feels comfortable in her body. Apparently she wants to be careful that she does not get too thin when she starts her new training program: "I'm just going back to the gym and I hope I do not lose my buttocks, hips or thighs. but do not lose everything. " She is also afraid to lose too much on the breast. Everything has its price, so Rihanna: "If you want to have a butt, you also have a stomach."

In addition, the 30-year-old revealed that her attitude to her life has changed in the limelight. She chose exactly who should be close to her: "I am very picky with friends," she explains. "I do not like being open to anyone, and when you find people who are great and loyal, you do not want to give that up anymore."

Rihanna - Pour It Up (Explicit) (May 2021).

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