• July 15, 2020

Right overtake: On these highways it is now allowed

Huup-Huup! "What does this person do, because all the time in the left lane, if he does not drive faster ?!" Thousands of drivers ask themselves every day and wish they could just spontaneously overtake from the right. After all, on the right lane often everything is free, while it jams on the left side. Would not it be a good idea to allow overtaking in the right lane?

That says the Highway Code

In Germany the rule is that on the left you have to overtake on the left. Only in exceptional cases may on the right side be overtaken. For example, in the city center, when a car has already turned left. It is similar when trams use the center of the carriageway due to the track situation and the left lane is out of reach - even then right hand overtaking is permitted.
Without a reason to overtake on the right in a locality is clearly punished: 30 Euro Verwarnungsgeld are due in this case. Who out of town, so for example on the highway, overtaken on the right, even receives a point in Flensburg and must squeeze 100 euros fine.

A new law ensures free travel?

Politicians are now thinking about releasing the right lane for overtaking maneuvers in the German environment. The hope is that this will equalize and accelerate the flow of traffic as a whole. However, the draft expressly does not foresee that one is impatiently passing by the right side of the car - after all, speeders should not be further encouraged. What is meant is a drive past on the right side when the traffic is slowing down. Only: Who can already draw the exact limit? In the video you can see in which region the law should be introduced, and how exactly the framework for the overtaking maneuver from the right!

Why you shouldn't drive slowly in the left lane (July 2020).

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